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Car Interior Disinfection Cleaning Price List

S (Corolla Class) Php 1,600.00~

M (Camry Class) Php 2,000.00~

L  (Innova Class) Php 2,400.00~

LL (Hiace Class) Php 3,200.00~

* The price may vary depending on the degree of your vehicle's dirtiness.

* We will provide an estimate before starting the work.

Car Interior Disinfection Cleaning Procedure

・Seat Cover Removal, Cleaning

・Removal and attachment of the sheet, vacuuming, cleaning with specialized agents, disinfection, and deodorization treatment.

・Removal and attachment of floor mat, cleaning with specialized agents, drying and disinfection.

・Vacuuming of the floor carpet, disinfection and deodorization treatment.

・Ceiling carpet, cleaning and disinfection deodorization treatment on the inside of doors.

・Interior cleaning of window glass (wet wiping + cleaner).

・Air conditioning: Filter check, cleaning and disinfection spray for air vents.

・Cleaning of handles, shift knob, and dashboard, disinfection and deodorization treatment.

・Inside the trunk: Tool check, spare tire check, vacuuming.

Air conditioning filter replacement

In the Philippines, the outdoor air is significantly more polluted compared to Japan.

Moreover, car air conditioning is used throughout the year.

In the Philippines, the lifespan of these air conditioning filters, which can remove dust from the outside, is very short.

If this filter doesn't function properly, young children are susceptible to the dust and mold spores that come out of this air conditioning vent, which can be very dangerous

Additionally, setting the air conditioning temperature to the lowest level and keeping the fan at maximum all the time can lead to poor cooling performance of the air conditioning system. This places a heavy load on the car, puts stress on the battery, and further results in reduced fuel efficiency.

In Japan, air conditioning filters are recommended to be replaced every 15,000 km, but in the Philippines, it is recommended to replace the filter every 10,000 km.。

Cost of filter replacement.:

1,500 PHP (filter cost not included).

*Free car wash included.

Inquiries about filter replacement.