Purchasing a used car in the Philippines

A. WATANABE CAR RENTAL | We will assist you with the process of purchasing a used car

We will investigate details such as inventory status, maintenance history, and repair records
We will inform you via email!

Purchasing or selling used cars in the Philippines can be a bit worrisome, right?!

Have you ever experienced receiving unwanted emails after providing contact information to the owner?

3 Simple steps Our experienced staff (Japanese and Filipino) will conduct the investigation on your behalf.

STEP1 If you find a car of interest on a used car information website or similar platform,

(Contact Us) please provide the following information.

・Website URL

・Vehicle: Manufacturer, model, year, color, price.

STEP2 Please pay the investigation initiation fee (Php500 per vehicle).

Payment methods: Bank transfer, various transfers (PayPal, Gcash, Smart Money, Palawan Express)

(Please note that you are responsible for any transfer or transaction fees.)

STEP3 Receipt of the investigation report

Please refer to the sample investigation report below:

Please pay the investigation report fee of Php500 before receiving it.

(The investigation report fee is Php500 per report, regardless of the number of vehicles investigated.)

After confirming the payment, we will send the investigation report to you via email.。

・The completion of the investigation report depends on the situation of the vehicle owner, but it usually takes around 5 to 7 days after confirming the payment of the initiation fee

・Please note that we cannot provide refunds for the initiation fee, so please understand this in advance.

・If the vehicle in question is sold after the investigation date, we cannot take responsibility for it.

・The content of the investigation report is based on the information available at the time of investigation. Please verify the information again on your own when making a purchase.


・Accompanying for physical inspection.

 When you view the actual vehicle, our staff will accompany you to inspect the vehicle together. (Php1,000)

・Buying and selling intermediary

 To prevent payment and car delivery disputes, ABLE will act as an intermediary. (Php5,000)

・LTO registration assistance.

 We will handle the tiresome and time-consuming LTO registration on your behalf. (Php2,000)

 (LTO registration fees are separate and will be charged at actual cost.)

Free perks

Among the above options, the 'Buying and selling intermediary and LTO registration assistance' options come with the following perks available for free.

・Shampoo car wash, body waxing, tire waxing, interior cleaning (vacuuming, interior window wiping, mat cleaning).

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Selling a car

If you're looking to sell your beloved car, consult with ABLE.

Our experienced staff will help you sell your cherished car at a great price!

Leave all the hassle of paperwork and handover to ABLE

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